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    Pairings with Pirani bubbles

    Prosecco Pirani not only offers you different types of prosecco to drink, but also solutions to best match them on any occasion that life throws at you!






     The Italian aperitif par excellence cannot fail to be accompanied by a good glass of prosecco. The pleasure of being together will be even more appreciated around a bottle of Prosecco Pirani.

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    Italian specialties

    Prosecco Pirani is designed to accompany the most famous dishes of the Italian tradition. The combination with pasta or pizza represents an experience that cannot be missed at the table when you want to immerse yourself in Italian culture.
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    Sushi and Bubbles

    It was a challenge to study the composition of our Prosecco to combine it with different types of cuisine. Whether it's sashimi or uramaki, we can now tell you for sure which wines to pair with sushi.
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    A white grape variety, with hazelnut-colored branches that generates long and large bunches, medium-sized grapes, yellow-gold color

    We are committed to following all the steps and specifications necessary for the perfect creation of our bubbles

    From the passion of Mr. Pirani and respecting the Italian culture, all our prosecco collections are born