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    Prosecco DOC - Brut

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    Prosecco DOC - Brut

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     The Prosecco DOC Brut is a sparkling wine characterized by a low residual sugar which gives it a [_0127_5_3_2]fresh flavor ], balanced and pleasant to the palate. The fruity olfactory notes, mainly of pear and apple, make Prosecco brut an ideal sparkling wine for happy hour, alone or with appetizers and finger food. Thanks to the delicacy of its body, Prosecco brut can also be considered a prosecco for meals, ideal for many combinations from appetizers to first courses, from second courses to cheeses.

    A Brut is therefore a "transversal" wine, perfect for the most diverse occasions: buffets, aperitifs and on the table because a pleasant citric sensation and a nice sapidity enhance good pairings and leave the mouth fresh and clean.



    For the balance of scents and flavors, Prosecco DOC Brut Pirani was awarded the silver medal at the Best Wine Award 2021 in France. Bringing these bubbles to the table means bringing joy and pleasure to the table and making the precious moments of our lives memorable.


    Don't know how to combine it?

    We have studied various combinations to give a perfect combination between the flavor of this wine and that of the appetizers or dishes at the table. Thanks to our Chef we have created a useful section to find out how best to pair this wine. Discover it!

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