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    Charmat method

    Prosecco has always been synonymous with celebration and convivial moments, and one of the most popular techniques for producing these wines is the Charmat method. This method, also known as the "Martinotti method" or "Italian method", uses large stainless steel tanks for fermentation instead of bottles as in the traditional method. The Charmat method process begins with the grape harvest during the ripening season. After a rigorous selection, the grapes are pressed to extract their precious juice, the must, which is then filtered to remove any impurities.

    The must is then transferred to the autoclaves, large stainless steel tanks, where the primary fermentation takes place. Here, the natural sugars present in the must are transformed into alcohol, creating the characteristic aroma and flavor of prosecco.

    Once the primary fermentation is complete, the wine is stabilized to remove any solid residues, then transferred to another stainless steel tank, where the second fermentation takes place. In this process, the wine is mixed with selected yeast and added sugars to generate the production of carbon dioxide, which will create the foam.

    After the second fermentation, the wine is left to rest for a few months to allow the aromas to integrate perfectly, creating a symphony of flavors and aromas. Subsequently, the filtering takes place, useful for removing any yeast residues and other impurities.

    Finally, the wine is bottled with a pressure cap. With modern technology and new production techniques, the Charmat method has become increasingly popular around the world, offering a unique and fulfilling tasting experience for wine lovers.

    Now that you know how Prosecco Pirani is made, you can find more details on how to combine it with your favorite dishes in our new section!